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Tell me 5 things a scanner can’t find.

The threats a scanner miss are usually related to your business. For an eCommerce site, these include:

  • An adversary stealing credit cards from your application

  • An adversary manipulating the price of an order

  • An adversary cancelling an order after it has been shipped

  • An adversary faking an order on behalf of another user

  • An adversary denying access to all other shoppers

For an online banking site, the threats a scanner ignores include:

  • An adversary siphoning off funds from other users

  • An adversary stealing account statements of other users

  • An adversary generating fake account statements

  • An adversary reversing older transactions

  • An adversary escalating his privileges to an administrator

In the case of an Online Reservations site, a scanner will not find these threats:

  • An adversary stealing credit cards of patrons from the application

  • An adversary cancelling reservations of other users

  • An adversary faking reservations on behalf of other users

  • An adversary stealing the customer database

  • An adversary closing the reservations at his will

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