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Security Code Reviews

With an in-house pool of 100+ application security testers and developers, Plynt has a very experienced and mature code review team on staff. Our clients conduct code reviews for one of the following reasons.
  • To meet a regulatory requirement (e.g. PCI DSS 1.2, clause 6.3.7)
  • To verify that custom applications (self developed or outsourced) are free from accidental or intentional Back-Doors
  • To conduct security due diligence of key applications / Intellectual Property (IP) during a merger or acquisition
  • To verify security posture of mission critical applications (part of a broad application security / security testing program)

Our Approach

Plynt offers clients high quality code reviews by taking a hybrid approach which is built both on state of the art code scanning software tools and competent, experienced code reviewers without who catching Back-Doors and Business Logic Flaws are today impossible. Please contact us to speak with an expert or receive a detailed proposal for our market beating code review solutions.

Below are some code review resources including Plynt developed scripts & articles.

Code Review Scripts


This is a collection of scripts we use in our code reviews, first presented at the OWASP Australia Conference in February 2009.

Writings on Code Reviews

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