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Plynt Certification Program

We’ve designed the Plynt Certification Program for both commercial and custom web applications so that we can do the penetration testing you require and certify your site for security. With the Plynt certificate in hand, product managers and application developers can prove to their customers that an application meets stringent security criteria and is resistant to attacks.

We won’t certify your app until we’ve subjected it to penetration testing against an exhaustive set of security standards and vulnerabilities. Those results are the basis of the criteria we use for Plynt certification. Our experts carry out the security tests to validate our findings and will then suggest the steps you can take to reduce or eliminate the threats. (See the sample test report). Once you’ve made the suggested changes, we’ll come back and test the application again to make certain that it meets our certification criteria.

Plynt certification criteria gives you the assurance that your application is compliant for SB1386, SOX, SEC 17, HIPAA

How does it work?

You order, We test, You fix, We certify

Step 1

You can place an order request online, by email at or talk to one of our representatives by calling us at 1 (703) 871-3939. As soon as you do we’ll send you the forms to fill out and schedule an appointment for testing.

Step 2

We’ll use the information you give us to determine the possible threats your app might be susceptible to. We’ll conduct the penetration test at your convenience and deliver a detailed, easy-to-read report that will give you a complete profile of your security vulnerabilities and the ways to fix them. That report serves as a starting point with solution pointers to secure your site.

Step 3

Our report will give you all the guidance your development team will need to test our solutions to fix the vulnerabilities we’ve identified. If you encounter a problem or have any questions give us a call or email us.

Step 4

We’ve run the tests and your development team has had a chance to fix the problems. Once the new version is ready for testing, we will conduct a full regression test. If we find no vulnerabilities, we will issue you the Plynt Certificate of good health. Any time you need us after that we’re only a phone call or an email away. We are always ready to conduct additional tests.

Ready to Order?

If you want to achieve high security levels through the lifecycle of your application for a modest investment then the Plynt Certification Program is for you. And you can obtain the Plynt Certificate at any stage of the process -- when the application is in production, in QA testing or in beta.

Interested? Please contact us for a quote. We’ll get back to you within one working day. Tell us about your site, what you’re concerned about and what requirements you have.

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Our quote contains the best price, the time estimate, and our methodology; and we'll mail you the quote in 24 hrs.

After receiving the results from our test, we really felt we got our money’s worth! Not only were you very accommodating in scheduling our test and working with us, we also found your penetration test was less costly than our previous test, and by-far more intricate and detailed.

- Terry Furlow, Information Technology Officer, Citizens First Bank

Certification Criteria

See Plynt's comprehensive application security testing criteria covering OWASP, OSSTM and NIST 800-42.

Sample Certificate

A sample Plynt certificate awarded to tested applications.

Sample Test & Certification Report

See a sample of the Plynt test and certification report.

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